70 years ago, our journey began, like many others, with a map. This was no ordinary map; it meticulously portrayed all the rug weaving regions and showcased their unique artistry. We became obsessed with studying each area and truly understanding their unique beauty and weaving techniques. 

Comprehending the history and preservation of rugs has become our most profound passion. Through rug weaving and craftsmanship, cleaning expertise, and excellent service, we preserve the rugs that belonged to your ancestors, honor your family history, and steward the planet. Using eco-friendly practices, we keep your rugs fresh and well-maintained for many years to come, and protect our clients’ homes, their communities, and our planet.

The best way to protect rugs is by preventing new stains and keeping your legacy intact all year round through routine maintenance, our Simonian spotter, and fiber protection. Our Balance preservation programs are designed with the natural rug cycle in mind while also reducing costs for the customer, making rug care more accessible to everyone.

Approximately 2.5 million tons (5 trillion pounds!) of carpet and rug waste end up in landfills yearly in the US and nationwide. According to the EPA, only 8% of carpets and rugs are recycled. 

In California, carpets and rugs are among the top ten landfill contributors. The carpet stewardship program relies heavily on incineration, an enormous climate polluter. Carpets are mixed with many waste streams, releasing persistent organic pollutants, endocrine disruptors, and other hazardous chemicals such as dioxin, mercury, and lead. Many carpets contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which creates dioxin when burned. Dioxin is one of the most dangerous chemicals known as a proven carcinogen.

These incinerators are typically located in low-income neighborhoods. This means disadvantaged residents in these areas suffer from higher cancer rates, strokes, asthma, heart attacks, and pulmonary diseases.

At Simonian, our goal is to be a part of the solution to this issue, which adversely affects our planet and our people. 

As our passion for sustainable rug preservation has grown, so has our dream of accompanying you in your journey towards building your dream space while helping you create a home you can’t wait to return to every day. A home is that haven you can go to relax and be your most genuine self, so we want that place to reflect your most authentic style with curated home decor details and goods that have a rich and exciting story that provides a deeper connection with your home while building a bond to the historical elements that tell a story of their own.

But we don’t simply want to sell you rugs and decorative goods. Simonian is on a journey to find artisans who honor our craftsmanship and quality values; we want to share the stories behind these fantastic people and their creations with you. 

Join us to discover authentic, rich, and historical fixtures and furnishings that will last a lifetime with the proper rug and textile care and attention only Simonian delivers. Processes in nature follow cycles, each stage contributing to the general balance of things. With this in mind, our company has devised a process to reverse your rug’s deterioration and protect it from future damage. Our 12-step cleaning process is a virtuous cycle that preserves your heirloom for future generations.


We believe that every person is connected to the way they style their home. WE are committed to keeping that connection alive through design, maintenance and affordability.


Our 2023 Mission:

  1. Reduce waste in the Bay area by 396,000 lbs, we will do this by cleaning, restoring and repurposing 792,000 sqft. of area rugs.
  2. Reduce our customers overall maintenance cost by 50% by signing up new customers into our Balance All-inclusive program.
  3. Keep our customers’ homes looking fresh and connected to their style, by having a selection of new rugs and home decor that they can easily choose from.