2022 Area Rug Cleaning Cost: An Honest Guide To Getting Your Rug Professionally Cleaned In A Sustainable Way

2022 Area Rug Cleaning Cost: An Honest Guide To Getting Your Rug Professionally Cleaned In A Sustainable Way

For some, a rug is just something to cover a hardwood floor. For others, a rug brings warmth to a room – maybe it’s even the central design element of your space. Some may receive antique rugs from family members they want to preserve or buy artisanal rugs abroad to remind them of that trip. For those people, preserving their rug and keeping it clean, warm, and dry is essential. Read this blog to understand how an area rug cleaning cost is calculated and why it matters.

Area rug cleaning cost

Why Do I Need to Get My Rug Cleaned?

Dust and other allergens build up in all rugs over time. Rugs act like filters in this way; like any filter, they should be cleaned to keep working. Eliminating dust and dirt particles from your rug with a deep clean will make for cleaner air and better breathing in your home. Furthermore, cleaning your rug can improve your life in that arena if you suffer from seasonal allergies. 

Overall, it is worth having your rug professionally cleaned if you are connected to it and the beautiful spaces in your home. If you love the pattern on your rug or simply can’t imagine replacing it, keep it maintained. It also ensures the health of your home for your family and friends.

Suppose you follow our recommended two-year cleaning cycle of deep cleaning, fiber shield application (a protective coating for your rug to reduce staining), a good spot-cleaner, and deep cleaning after two years. In that case, your rug should be maintained perfectly, making future rug cleaning more cost-effective. 

Can I Just Clean My Rug Myself?

Technically, yes. You can rent a Rug Doctor or other rug cleaning machine or get your rug steam cleaned or dry cleaned. But those cleanings are only surface deep, and dry cleaning can use harsh chemicals in the process, which you don’t want any remnants of in your home. 

The biggest problem with cleaning your rug yourself is that you could get the rug too wet. And by the time it dries 4-5 days later, mold has already started to grow. And then, you’re in more trouble than when you started! If the wrong cleaning products are used, it can make the colors run and leave bleach spots or soap residue that will attract more dirt, causing your rug to become dirtier faster.

Why Is Area Rug Cleaning Cost So High?

Deep cleaning a rug takes many steps and a fair amount of time and labor. But at the end of that process, you’ve got a thoroughly cleaned rug that won’t need that level of deep cleaning again for two years at least. Think about the money wasted if you tried to clean the rug yourself, but it got moldy, or the colors ran. Then you’ve got more problems that need more money to solve them, and your rug still isn’t clean! And chances are, after all, that you’ve only cleaned the rug’s surface, which is like cleaning out half of the filter in your vacuum or pool. That’s not sustainable for you, and it’s not sustainable for your rug, either. 

The area rug cleaning cost at Simonian is determined by the activities required to clean. Not the number of hours it takes, because most of the cost is labor. That way, if we need to go back and do another step, it wouldn’t cost you more. We estimate how much it costs to clean by square footage. Our rug cleaning process includes 12 steps and additional operating costs that support our work and community. 

There’s a lot of fluctuation in area rug cleaning costs because the business changes pretty consistently. So if customers come to us every two years for a deep clean, things have probably changed since they were last here. Maybe new services have been added, or the maintenance needs of their particular rug have changed.

Using a unique pricing calculator, we came up with an average area rug cleaning cost. So we are not constantly changing the pricing on our clients and projects. Our main goal is to build trust, avoid waste, provide services that are accessible to everyone, and offer significant additions to your interior design.

Are Your Rug Cleaning Practices Environmentally Sustainable?

Yes! We are very environmentally conscious and use excellent products to extend the life of your rugs by using the most knowledgeable team, the best eco-friendly, tested cleaning products on the market, and robust technology to support our work. This way, you’re not bringing harmful chemicals or solvents into your home when you bring your freshly cleaned rug back home. 

Approximately 2.5 million tons of carpet and rug waste end up in landfills yearly in the U.S. In California, carpets and rugs fall in the top ten landfill contributors. These reasons add to our mission of helping preserve rugs. When your rug stays clean, less waste ends up in landfills or incinerators, polluting our environment. We are cleaning up the world one rug at a time!

Get a Rug Cleaning Cost Estimate with Our Online Calculator 

Healthy communities start with clean rugs. When you’re ready to take steps toward preserving and protecting your rug’s history, use our rug cleaning cost calculator. Estimate what it would cost to clean your rug. Who doesn’t want a home they can’t wait to return to?


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  • Pamela Teague
    31.12.2022, 22:15 Reply

    I couldn’t find where to get a calculation for how much it will cost to clean a (5’6” /4’6”-about) hand knotted rug. It also has begun to lose it’s plain wolven border even though it is only 10 years old. Wolven in Turkey. I need a guess as to how much to expect it to cost. Thanks, Pamela Teague.