5 Best Area Rugs for Pets 2023: Top Pet-Friendly Rugs and When to Get Them Professionally Cleaned

5 Best Area Rugs for Pets 2023: Top Pet-Friendly Rugs and When to Get Them Professionally Cleaned

It may seem that pets and rugs don’t go together, but if you’ve got the correct type of rug and a reliable cleaner for when they get dirty, there’s no reason you can’t have charming rugs and furry friends in your home, hotel, motel, or Airbnb as well. If you want one of the best area rugs for pets, there are some key things you’ll want this new rug to have: durability, a low pile (height), ease of cleaning, and affordability. This way, even if your rug is the victim of an “incident,” some muddy paws, or a teething pup, you won’t have spent a bunch of money on a rug that may not make a full recovery. 

Here’s our take on the best area rugs for pets and when you should get them professionally cleaned

Best area rugs for pets

Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo is a pet-friendly material because it’s very durable, making it a perfect rug for pet-friendly lodgings. They are made from natural fibers, and you can get them in different colors or styles. Some bamboo rugs are a mixture of bamboo and wool, making them more durable. You can choose a neutral color to make shedding less visible. They’re great for high-traffic areas of your property. 

Jute Rugs

Jute is a natural dried plant fiber often used in burlap that’s durable and easy to clean. A quick vacuum is all you need to pick up any everyday dust and dirt since their crevices aren’t very deep. Not only are they excellent for pets, but their thick, cushiony fibers make them pleasant for bare feet! 

Synthetic Rugs

Any rug made of synthetic nylon or polypropylene is quite durable and easy to clean. Synthetic rugs won’t absorb stains easily and have a low pile, making them less attractive for pets to chew on. Not to mention, synthetics are less expensive than other types of rugs. 

Wool Rugs

The great thing about wool fibers is that they are highly flexible and durable because they don’t lose shape when wet. Wool naturally resists dirt and grime, so it’s easy to clean, and it’s a low pile as well. 

Outdoor Rugs

There’s nothing wrong with using an outdoor rug indoors. There are lots of outdoor rugs that look and feel perfectly lovely indoors. They’re literally meant to take a beating from the elements, so pets will be no match for them! 

Rugs to Avoid with Pets 

  • Shag Rugs: With a high pile, almost resembling a pet itself, a shag rug is a haven for dirt, hair, dander, and other pet-related debris to get trapped in. They are also more fun for chewing and clawing pets.  
  • High-Pile Rugs: Shag rugs aren’t the only high-pile rugs that can trap pet debris and other dirt. Best skip these rugs if you don’t want to have every day be cleaning day. 
  • Fringed Rugs: Fringe or tassels can be irresistible playthings for some cats or dogs. And from there, things may quite literally unravel quickly. 
  • Vintage Rugs: These are often one-of-a-kind, specially made, or decades-old rugs. Don’t go through the heartbreak of losing a great rug that can’t be replaced because of an unfortunate accident. 

Simonian’s All-Inclusive Rug Balance Program

Now that you know the best area rugs for pets, how often should you clean your rug? Every two years is a pretty good rule – more often if your rug takes a beating on the regular, though. You may wonder how you keep up with the maintenance and cost, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This year, we are launching Simonian’s All-Inclusive Rug Balance Program. The goal is to revert your rug’s deterioration and protect it from future damage while you pick a plan that works for you and your budget. You’ll get all the maintenance services you need, plus extra benefits for a low monthly price. We’ll even get you a replacement rug while we clean yours! 

Not only is your two-year maintenance scheduled so that you don’t even have to worry about it, but you can call us any time if you have any “accidents” or need some spot cleaning. With pets, there’s always a layer of unpredictability! Get your estimate today and be on your way to utilizing beautiful rugs that will last a lifetime.


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