Simonian Rug Cleaners

Simonian Rug Cleaners is to provide the best in quality cleaning and repairs. Our courteors staff is here to serve you. Will help you through any questions you might have with regards to craftsmanship, history, repair, or just general care of your rugs & carpets. Our plant covers over 5,000 square feet where rugs are meticulously inspected to insure the utmost in care in the cleaning process


Phone: (650) 343 – 0929

We service a large section of the Bay Area and offer pick-up and delivery

San Mateo County

San Francisco County

Alameda County

Marin County

Santa Clara County


Monday 8AM – 4PM

Tuesday 8AM – 4PM

Wednesday 8AM – 4PM

Thursday 8AM – 4PM

Friday 8AM – 4PM

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed