Where To Have a Rug Resized To Fit Any Space: A Complete Guide

Where To Have a Rug Resized To Fit Any Space: A Complete Guide

Have you found the perfect rug, but it just doesn’t fit in your space? There’s no reason to worry. You can have your rug cut to the exact dimensions you need. Some people aren’t aware that cutting a rug is a possible solution or may think that cutting it would cause damage to it, but it’s a process that professionals are trained and equipped to do. Rug experts know how to cut and bind rugs–customized just how you’d like them. 

In this blog, we will review together what the cutting process looks like and why you want the best professionals nearby when it comes to restoring and resizing your rug. *Spoiler alert: it’s all about adequately persevering the rug’s unique history and beauty.

What Is the Process of Rug Cutting and Binding?

There are some factors to consider when deciding how a rug should be cut. The design may have a repeating pattern or a simple motif, so you have to think about where it would be best to cut it so that the overall composition of the design is not ruined. Also, make sure to accurately measure your space and the size you would like the rug to be. 

An essential best practice experts and rug lovers recommend is to clean your rug before any modifications. This will protect it from further damage when you begin cutting it. This is a typical mistake DIY enthusiasts make and could potentially rip many fibers off the rug or even cause more profound damage to it. For example, if your rug requires moth-proofing, then that’s additional work that must be applied to the rug beforehand, or your rug could suffer irreparable damage.

The edges will then need to be trimmed to ensure they are smooth. Finally, the edges are reinforced and secured with binding to prevent fraying and unraveling. You will have the choice of color and type of fabric to use. Professional rug shops like Simonian Rug Cleaners use quality bindings, which is vital to keep them from coming apart.

Finishing Up The Edges

There are a few techniques to finish edges: standard edge binding, serging, and fringing. Standard edge binding is a popular choice because it is the least costly method. It also allows the rug to be easily cleaned. It involves a machine that attaches binding tape and stitches around the rug’s perimeter. Serging is a bit more expensive but offers a thicker, sleek look, consisting of a continuous wrap of yarn wrapped around the edge. Fringing is usually the most costly method, which consists of sewing tassels onto the edge of the rug. Machine-made rugs may have them, but it’s often a sign of a high-quality rug if it’s handmade.

How to cut a rug

Can I Do It Myself?

You may be tempted to cut and bind a rug yourself. Nonetheless, it’s best if you leave the hard work to the experts to do the service for you. The process of cutting a rug isn’t difficult, but binding requires skill and doing the actual clean-up before cutting is a delicate and vital step to trim the rug properly. Rug professionals have the right tools and equipment and know which ones to use for various fabric types, the level of dirt found in the rug,  and the unique history each rug has. They have decades of experience and passion for preserving your legacy in a sustainable, long-lasting way.

How Long Does This Service Take?

Cutting and binding a rug depends on multiple factors: the type of binding, how much material is used, what kind of cleaning methods need to be applied beforehand, and the size of the rug. The size is mostly what determines how long it will take. But, typically, it takes two weeks after cleaning the rug. You can check out this 12-step video to see what that cleaning process will look like.

Key Takeaways

If you find a rug you love but need it in a different size or maybe want to resize a rug you currently have to fit your dream space, look no further. We can help you preserve your rug’s beauty and history while adapting it to its new space. Simply let us know the dimensions you’d like the rug to be, and we will review what cleaning methods need to be applied before cutting and show you all of the options for binding. Just choose the type and color, and we’ll handle the rest. 

Our team has decades of experience understanding rugs and how to care for them. We are passionate about preserving legacies while naturally avoiding rug waste; that’s why we also provide other services for all your rug needs. Our experts clean and repair rugs of all sizes, materials, and quality–even Persian rugs. We also deodorize, moth proof, and apply Fiber Shield to protect your rugs and keep them alive for years to come.

If you’re looking into resizing a rug in San Francisco, request a quote today. We offer pick-up and delivery to San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, Santa Clara counties, and more. It couldn’t be more convenient!


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  • Stacey
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    Hi, I’m looking to have 2” Taken off each side of a rug that’s 37” wide (it’s too wide for my hallway). The rug is 9 feet long. How much would this cost? Thanks!

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    17.02.2023, 22:58 Reply

    Can you replace a border on a wool area rug?