Let’s bring your rug back to its original richness and keep the legacy intact with an authentic rug cleaning service.

Understanding the history and protection of rugs has become our deepest passion. Through rug weaving and craftsmanship, cleaning expertise, and excellent service, we preserve the rugs that belonged to your ancestors, honor your family history, and support the planet.

The best way to protect rugs is by avoiding new stains and keeping your legacy intact all year round through routine care, our Simonian spotter, and fiber protection.

Our Knowledge

Our expertise comes from knowledge-sharing with generations of weavers, washers, and rug collectors who passionately loved their craft and shared their secrets with us. For over 70 years, we have followed their ethics and methods while perfecting our rug cleaning service with the latest technology.

Our Process

Processes in nature follow cycles, each stage contributing to the general balance of things. With this in mind, our company has created a process to reverse your rug’s damage and protect it from future harm. Our 12-step cleaning process is a virtuous cycle that preserves your rug for future generations.

12 step process

Authentic Rug Services

We understand the hard work and love put into creating your rug. Since founding Simonian, we have been obsessed with studying each rug weaving region and its unique artistry while truly identifying each rug’s unique beauty and weaving techniques. 

Rug Cleaning
Rug Repair
Rug Cleaning

Wondering how much our services cost? Let’s get started; all you need is a measuring tape and your rugs! 

Just write down the width and the length for all the rugs you want to get cleaned in our calculator, and get your quote.

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