Rug Cleaning SF: 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Service

Rug Cleaning SF: 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Service

Does the thought of cleaning your rug make you cringe? Have you wondered if you can replace it instead? Cleaning a rug well, so it gets cleaner without damaging it, is more complicated than the average property owner is prepared to deal with, especially if it’s an heirloom or an expensive piece. If the rug is a central part of your home or business, you obviously want the rug to look clean and be free from microbes, allergens, and dust that gather over the months and years in any rug. Below, we share five reasons to hire a professional rug cleaning SF service and why you should clean your rug instead of getting a new one.

*If you want a professional-grade rug cleaning SF expert to save you the time of taking on this complex job on your own, Simonian is here to help!

Rug Cleaning SF

1. Doing It Yourself May Backfire

Technically, you can use a Rug Doctor or an expensive rental cleaning machine to clean your rug. These systems work if used correctly – there’s nothing wrong with them. But your DIY attempt could backfire if you don’t know what you’re doing. The biggest mistake people make is getting the rug too wet. When the rug is too wet, it takes 4-5 days to dry, during which mold will start to grow. That’s the exact opposite of what you want! 

Separately, the colors may run depending on the rug, causing permanent damage. And Rug Doctors and other cleaning machines of that type usually leave a soapy residue, creating a different problem from the one you started with. 

2. Peace of Mind

Routine rug cleaning is essential for extending the life of your area rugs and keeping your home healthy. Proper maintenance of your rugs helps preserve them for years to come. It also makes it easier for you to remove future stains with good fiber shield protection. 

We are a trusted partner regarding rug care. For over 70 years, we have researched various types of rugs, materials, and cleaning methods to perfect our technique. This ensures we give our customers the best possible results for cleaning their area rugs. Regardless of the quality or type of rug, our experts will know how to handle them and quickly identify your rug’s history to restore its brightness. 

3. Cost Efficiency

We at Simonian aim to make rug care more accessible to everyone. Yes, rugs are all made differently and require different cleaning methods. We do everything possible to price our services fairly and make them a worthwhile investment for you, even as costs rise everywhere. We are an extremely efficient company that works hard to keep costs down while paying our workers their fair share for their labor and care. 

Yes, you may be paying slightly more than if you were to rent a machine and do it yourself. Still, when you factor in the time investment, the labor you would be required to give, and the final result, it is more cost-effective to hire professionals, check it off your to-do list without a second thought, and not worry about it until it’s clean and dry. 

4. Sustainability

Did you know approximately 2.5 million tons (5 trillion pounds!) of carpet and rug waste end up in landfills yearly in the US and nationwide? According to the EPA, only 8% of carpets and rugs are recycled. So, when you choose to maintain your rug instead of throwing it away, you protect the environment and the affected communities near the incinerators.

Cleaning a rug, especially big ones in large properties or hotels, takes a lot of water. We dedicate our time to supporting our planet’s future and your rug’s longevity through sustainable practices. We use eco-friendly methods to maximize the efficiency of our processes, minimize waste, and provide a quality service without compromising our environment or the services we provide to you. 

5. Cost-Effective, High-Quality Plans

There are a lot of rug care services that are usually overlooked or unknown to rug owners. Deodorizing, protectants, pads, and repairs are necessary to avoid future rug damage and add up to your yearly home expenses. What if we told you there is a cost-effective alternative where you can tackle all your rug needs without extra costs? That’s where our new Balance All-Inclusive Program comes in! 

Starting in January, Simonian will change how people all over SF get their rugs cleaned with exceptional results that protect your rugs and wallet. These one-of-a-kind and flexible plans allow you to pick a package that works for you, your rug necessities, and your budget. We designed it to cover your every need, including any extra services, but without additional costs. You can factor your monthly fee into your overhead. And we provide the services whenever you need them. Spot cleaning, maintenance, and fiber shield protection, plus 5% in monthly rewards! 

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