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Why Simonian

High Quality

Our decades of experience have led to proven cleaning techniques, superior cleaning products, and fast turnaround times.

Affordable Rates

We work smart so you can save money with affordable pricing that’s easy to calculate.

Convenient Scheduling

Placing your order should be easy. That’s why we’ve created a simple process that enables you to schedule appointments and pick-ups anytime.

Clear Communication

We keep you in the know with regular appointment reminders, receipts, promotions, rug cleaning tips, and more.

About Simonian

Exceptional level of cleaning services.

We pride ourselves on our craft. For more than 70 years, we’ve provided thorough rug cleaning services, quality rug repairs, and an overall superior workmanship customers can count on. While we have an old-school work ethic, we’ve perfected our process with the latest technology to save us time, and you money. This is more than a living — it’s our livelihood. We’re happy to answer any questions about our services, craftsmanship, or anything related to rug care. With a 5,000+ square-foot plant, we have the skills and assets to inspect rugs thoroughly and provide the best possible care for every order.

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